Unexpected Healthcare Bills: High Costs Impacting Patients & Providers

• In the United States, we primarily have a private healthcare system where if you have the money, you can purchase healthcare services from any service provider.
• The problem in America isn’t a lack of healthcare providers; it is how healthcare services are paid for.
• Patients are typically hit with surprise bills months later and may not have the money to pay the balance, resulting in difficulty for healthcare providers to find qualified staff.

Access to healthcare is essential to long-term health, and the way it is provided varies from country to country. In the United States, we have a private healthcare system. Those with money can purchase services from their chosen provider, and those without are provided with government-provided health insurance.

The issue with the private healthcare system in America is not the lack of providers, but instead the way services are paid for. When visiting the doctor, the patient hands over their health insurance card and pays a copay, but it is unknown how much they will end up spending in the end. The doctor’s office will then send a claim to the health insurance company which is usually paid out months later. Unfortunately, the patient may not have the money by that point to pay the remaining balance.

This leaves patients in a difficult spot, as they are hit with unexpected bills they have not budgeted for and healthcare providers are having difficulty finding qualified staff. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as it affects the health of individuals as well as the economy. Solutions such as providing more transparency on costs, creating more affordable options, and increasing government assistance are all possible approaches that should be explored.